March 25, 2015

You are how you eat

9:18 am - Posted by Gregg

Much like me, haven’t you always known, on some deeper level, that you really do embody everything you need — already inside of you — to achieve lasting physical health and a peaceful, happy state of mind (in relation to eating, your body weight and to everything else) you have always dreamed of?

And also like me, I imagine many of you know that nagging feeling that if you just had that one secret to unlock the door to your own innate healing powers, that you would finally shed the unwanted pounds, reclaim your health, and love yourself just as you are in this and all future moments?

I know from your emails and contact that a lot of you have been searching for the truth. And I also know many of you are tired of being told “Eat this not that.” Well, the good news is that I am a part of a free online event that is going on now (and will conclude shortly) — so if you are ready to jump in and get access to being your best self without fads, shame or self-punishment, click here to take advantage of this Mindful Eating World Summit before it’s too late to participate. (Again, it’s free!)

Some of the tools and take-aways you’ll get from this free online event include:

Stopping the “deprivation- and binge-eating guilt cycles.

Creating peace in your mind and your body to create an amazing
life with tools to empower you.

Cooking with “consciousness” and intention (the way nature intended it to be).

Making your mind your greatest asset to creating optimal health
and design a strategy that is unique to you.

Finding your path and live your purpose, because it’s not
what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.

My friend and colleague, the amazingly inspirational Dr. Kellee Rutley, has created an incredible resource where you can receive all of the tools you need to achieve optimal health, makeover your body and take your life back. Dr. Kellee and I can relate to what you are going through as can all of the experts that are contributing to this Mindful Eating World Summit. In fact, many of the experts on this summit have true-to-life stories they share regarding how they overcame every single obstacle you are facing right now.

Dr. Kellee has interviewed highly credible and respected Doctors, Naturopaths, Zen Masters, Holistic Psychologists, Holistic Chefs, well known Published Authors and true Fitness Experts with decades of experience — all sharing this “virtual podium” to provide you with the answers you have been looking for.

This Mindful Eating World Summit event ends on March 31st — so click here to get access to all experts before this summit is complete in the coming days. And there’s no limit to how many can participate and benefit for from this Mindful Eating World Summit — so feel free to share this free sign-up link with friends.

Photo Source: FitDay

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12:28 pm - Posted by Gregg

When was the last time you turned to food when in reality you were trying to avoid boredom, to escape stress or trying to get through an otherwise difficult time? We’ve all done it. We all sometimes still do it. Perhaps even as recently as earlier in the day. When we do this, it’s important to realize we’re not really eating to satisfy our hunger — but instead to feed our anxiety (which can result in a psychological desire for food).

Of course, too much food can result in too much of us. And even though we’re all supermodels, we want to keep fitting into our supermodel jeans (without having to offer up a prayer while trying to zip or button them up). So next time you hit a food mood that really isn’t about hunger, try one of these substitutes to get through the moment instead:

• Drink a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon

• Listen to a motivational song or  create a motivational iPod/MP3 play list

• Pick up a copy of your favorite magazine

• Find a rerun of a favorite sitcom on TV or online

• Write a snail mail letter to a long-lost friend

• Take a relaxing bath (with candlelight!)

• Try learning a foreign language

• Take a walk (a power walk that makes you sweat!)

• Scan old photos into your computer and create a digital photo album or slide show

And these ideas are just a start. Do you have replacement-for-eating-activities that you rely on when your mental hunger tries to take control? If so, please share them here. After all, we’re all in this together and are all better off keeping these ideas on-hand for the next time a food mood hits that isn’t about food.

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March 17, 2015

It’s not too late

2:05 pm - Posted by Gregg

I’m so excited! Today, March 18th, 2015, is the day my interview and free gift go live as part of this year’s Mindful Eating World Summit. Along with my interview, you can experience interviews with a cavalcade of other experts in the fields of food, diet, nutrition and (most important) wellness. This is all about loving yourself at this moment and making healthy changes that are organic to your soul rather than subversive to your psyche. It’s very life- and health-affirming in so many ways. That’s why I’m thrilled to have been asked to participate. I hope you’ll listen to my interview (as well as interviews with the other experts throughout the summit) and then let me know what you think.

It’s not too late to sign up — and it’s free! Click here to do so!

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March 16, 2015

Posture perfect

1:34 pm - Posted by Gregg

Did you know that both standing and sitting tall are as good for your inner health as they are for your outward appearance – making this an appropriate reminder for anytime of year (and believe me, I need just as much reminding to ‘Stand up straight’ as anyone!).

In fact, if you stand tall and sit tall, you’ll appear as much as 10-pounds thinner. You also exude extra confidence and self-worth, upping the “attractor factor.”

Think about it… People you see with good posture (whether seated or standing) just seem to have it more together than the people walking around in a slump. Take the initiative to reach for the stars by reminding yourself several times throughout the day to stand or sit tall. Look in a mirror to help you know how it “feels” to use correct posture. It takes some getting used to – but is definitely worth the effort. Other ways to improve personal posture include trying yogaPilates or other stretching and strengthening exercises, as recommended by your doctor.

For 10 do-able tips for improving your posture, click here. And for a visual guide to standing tall, check out the infographic, below.

Photo Source: Greatist

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2:53 pm - Posted by Gregg

It’s not too late to be part of the 2015 Mindful Eating World Summit.

Registration is free and offers you ways to take your health, your body and your mind back. The many insights you’ll gain include:

• Learning to love your body NOW (no matter what size or shape you’re currently in)

• Learning to create the nurturing relationship with food and eating that you were always meant to have

• Learning to regain optimal levels of physical and emotional health (no matter what level you’re currently at)

• Support from host Dr. Kellee Rutley, D.C., and an amazing array of like minded experts who will help you turn the corner on mindless eating once and for all

I was honored when Dr. Kellee Rutley asked me to participate in this year’s Mindful Eating World Summit. In fact, I and several other experts are offering free gifts to participants. That’s how important this message is and how strongly we all feel about it. You can see Dr. Kellee Rutley’s video by clicking here. And you can register for the summit by clicking here.

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